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Strategic Plan

The strategic areas are aligned with the five elements of the ATD Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE).

Administrative Component

Goal: Maintain activities to ensure operational success.

 Objectives  Strategies
Fulfill the minimum requirements of the CARE document each year.
  • Review progress towards CARE at each board meeting.
  • Develop a Risk Assessment document
Promote volunteer success and retention to ensure at least one year of service.
  • Create a formal onboarding process for volunteers.
  • Develop recognition program for volunteers.
  • Create written procedures for each volunteer role
Create a Board Succession Plan (CARE requirement)
  • Define primary and secondary roles for each current board member
  • Celebrate and recognize board member contributions
  • Current board members recruit chapter members for their replacement AKA “Recruit my Replacement” See Toolkit on the process


Goal: Maintain activities to ensure operational success.

 Objectives  Strategies
Diversifying the Sponsorship Program to ensure at least $3000 from sponsorship endorsements.
  • Continuous outreach to create corporate sponsorships.
  • Share success stories of current ATD partnerships.
Ensure a balanced budget based off of ATD-RTA budget line items.
  • Only include line items necessary to run the chapter.



Goal: Create an atmosphere of transparency.

 Objectives  Strategies

Establish at least a once-a-month communication to all active membership to include all social media outlets.

  • Send a monthly newsletter to active members.

  • Create a social media strategy to increase our reach to current and future members.

In January the Chapter Board will release and publish an annual report for the previous year to all members.
  • Share monthly updates with the board: membership, finances, upcoming programs.        
Continuously promote all open volunteer positions in chapter communication until positions are filled.
  • Publish open volunteer positions on website, newsletters and social media platforms.
Maintain chapter website to provide updates on all current events, volunteers opportunities and ATD national promotions.
  • Create a standard events template
  • Monthly review of content updates.
  • Post board/volunteers on the website, including photos and bios.



Goal: Maximize membership growth, retention and involvement.



Increase chapter membership by 10%

  • Promote the Bring Your Boss initiative

Retain at least 90% of chapter membership by the end of the calendar year.

  • Revive the Ambassador Program
  • Offer at least 2 social events per year.
  • Become eligible for ATD Chapter Excellence Award for Strategic Partnership.

Achieve ATD Membership Super Star status. (100% CARE compliance and 50% Power Membership)

  • Promote benefits of Power Membership at chapter events.

Achieve 90% satisfaction rate with ATD RTA.

  • Create a survey which would quantify member satisfaction with specific ATD offerings.


Professional Development

Goal: Provide programs and events which promote VALUE to members.

 Objectives  Strategies
Provide documentation of completion on chapter events to promote continued education for our members.
  • Deliver Level 1 evaluations at each event.
  • Create a short evaluation for each monthly meeting.
  • Share link to evaluation at end of each chapter meeting.
  • Deliver certificate of completion based on completion of level 1 evaluations.
Assure all ATD programs (Monthly Meetings, Workships, SIGs) align with the ATD competency model.
  • Include checkbox for competency on all event templates.

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