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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a subgroups of the chapter's membership that shares a common interest in a specific area of training and development. SIGs are led by members for members and focus on the specialized needs and priorities of the SIG members. The members determine their goals and how they plan to achieve them. They are a great way to learn from one another's expertise and keep up to date on the latest trends in your fields of interest.

What happens at a SIG meeting?

Members get together to share ideas, relay experiences, exchange resources, and gain insight to a specific area of training and development. The meeting agenda is set by the SIG and can vary in structure based on the group.

Learning Trends & Innovations SIG

Candace Marles


Kimberly Sinnott


Katheldra Pinder


eLearning SIG

Alex Cook


Dawn Friedel


Adaptive Culture SIG

Barry Borgerson, barry@2selfs.com

Richard Kurth: richard@richardkurth.com

Eric Blumenthal: ericrblumenthal@gmail.com

What does a SIG leader do?

A SIG leader is someone who is willing to commit to facilitating a Special Interest Group and providing successful networking opportunities for fellow ATD-RTA members who share a common interest. The typical duties are:

  • Coordinating an agenda
  • Identifying a convenient meeting place
  • Distributing/posting meeting notes
  • Responding to member inquiries about the SIG
  • Submitting the meeting schedule to be posted on the ATD-RTA Calendar of Events
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Communicating with the ATD-RTA President to provide updates

If you are interested in forming a new SIG, please contact the Chapter President.

Click the link to submit your event details: Event Submission Form

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