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In this SIG, we focus on developing increasingly effective processes for meeting organizational culture-change requirements. 

These culture-changes are created by accelerating disruptions in business environments due to the technology tsunamis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well as other factors including the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

These business-environment disruptions demand frequent and systematic changes to business models, strategies, operating processes, and even missions, which all exist as cultural elements and appear to the company’s leadership as inherently true or correct.

As human nature blocks changes to such company-specific certainties or beliefs, we will work on processes to overcome these deeply embedded human barriers.


Barry Borgerson: barry@2selfs.com

Location: Zoom

Most of our meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of every month from 5:30 - 7:00pm EST via Zoom. Exceptions will be noted.

Please click here to sign up for our SIG so that we can interact with you more effectively and maximize the benefits to you and the rest of the members of this culture-change activity.

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